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Eminent Promotions are well known for their branded promotional products which are supplied business to business however we are much more than this.

Our vision is to create a professional forum which allows any of our clients to look to us for a variety of creative services. These include but are not limited to the following:


Eminent Mediaplan has been created in response to the demand from our client base for a product and service which increases their social media presence and achieves lead generation.

The Eminent Mediaplan has been specifically designed so that clients who do not have the inhouse skills, inclination or the time to achieve this themselves and need a professional yet cost effective service can be provided with our turn key service.


Eminent Creative covers all the important activities necessary to produce professional video, graphics, logo design and corporate image techniques.

We have our own inhouse team which work with our clients on any project which needs this skillset

All equipment, camera crew and creative input is provided with this professional facility.

We are confident you will be surprised at the quality we can produce on a very cost effective basis.


Any business wishing to develop to a further level of success needs a vehicle which will take them from where they currently are to the destination of where they wish to be.

This cannot be done on a random basis and we strongly believe that the vehicle required is described as a Corporate Strategy Masterplan.

Eminent Masterplan is the name given to our professional services in this area where we will visit you at your premises, spend a day with your senior executives and from that consultation provide an outline masterplan to achieve your stated aims.

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